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More Ford Mustang history

Popular Mechanics wrote a great article on the Mustang’s history. The article was initially written in 2004, inspired by the 40th anniversary of the Mustang. I don’t want to copy the whole article on this blog, but like to highlight some of the most remarkable things.

It already started out quite different than I guess car manufacturers start developing now cars:

“That we’re here to celebrate the Mustang’s 40th anniversary is due to the vision and efforts of a small group of men at Ford–including Donald Frey, Hal Sperlich, Donald Petersen and Lee Iacocca. They met informally after hours at the Fairlane Inn on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn, working on the concept of a small, fun-to-drive car and on a strategy to convince the company to produce it. It’s hard to appreciate the impact that the first Mustang made when it was shown to the public on April 17, 1964.”

I think Ford also made a smart move involve Carroll Shelby to outperform the competition that had developed around the Mustang.

“In August 1964, Iacocca asked Carroll Shelby to develop a high-performance Mustang for street and track at his small shop in Venice, Calif. The new fastback, a 2+2, was at Shelby’s disposal, along with Ford’s brand-new small block. The 289 was the same engine Shelby developed in his Cobra roadster. Shelby divided production between the GT-350 street and competition Mustangs. Factory backed, the racing GT-350 steamrolled the competition, including Corvette.

Soon, Mustang had imitators, the market was so large. For ’67, Chevrolet introduced its Camaro, Pontiac its Firebird and Mercury its Cougar. For ’68, AMC added its Javelin. Plymouth had a Barracuda and Dodge a Challenger for 1970. All were dubbed “ponycars.”

GT-350 Shelby (Photo by Jerry Heasley)

If you’ve been reading this blog before, you know that the generation 2 – 4 Mustangs didn’t really do it for me, so read on at the source if you want to know how the history continues to the last generation (5) which again is a kick ass vehicle.

Make sure you take a look as well at some of the Mustang concept cars that never made it, there’s some interesting exercises there.


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#6: If it wasn’t for my marriage…

Well what do you know, now we really get to know you. If only I weren’t married ;)

“You’re an American classic – fast, strong and bold. You’re not snobby or pretentious, but you have what it takes to give anyone a run for their money”

If you want to do the test for yourself, here it is: which sports car are you? I’m a Lambo… apparently.

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#5: Adult supervision required

Blue 1965 Mustang car for only $229? Unlike I told you in the beginning it looks like I will be able to buy a genuine Mustang. There’s one catch, it’s a pedal car, recommended ages 3-6 years. No need to tell you that I’m beyond that age ;)

“The 1965 Ford Mustang pedal cars are admired by Kids, parents and Mustang collectors alike. This authentic AMF Pedal Car Mustang is newly manufactured from the original tooling. Just imagine your child’s excitement when he or she gets a glimpse of this cool classic American pedal car toy.”

It looks like it’s officially licensed by Ford Motor Company so it would count as a real Mustang though. There’s even a Shelby version of it.

Blue 1965 Ford Mustang Pedal Car Shelby GT350 Pedal Car - Front View

I’m pretty sure both my sons will love it, they race around the house all day on these kind of things. Just need to find a reason to explain why I didn’t buy Lightning McQueen instead though. While surfing around on the American Pedal Car website, I also found this Flamed 1932 Ford Roadster (Hot Rod) – pretty damn cool as well!

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The Giugiaro concept, nah.

Ford unveiled a new Mustang concept car last November, the Giugiaro. It has got a 500hp V8… but it doesn’t do it for me. For me, again, this is not what the Mustang is about. More images after the link.

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I blog Mustang

Today I decided to change my blog URL, just like I did with ‘Cross The Breeze a while ago. I’m away from the to my own dot com domain for this one. Too bad wasn’t free anymore so I had to come up with something else and decided to go for:

With ‘Cross The Breeze this upgrade to wasn’t available until a year after I started so I couldn’t do it any earlier. It did result in 2 separate Technorati claims/ranks on both domains for the same blog. I still don’t understand why Technorati doesn’t offer a way to tell the service this is actually one and the same blog (god knows why – and don’t expect their support to answer on your emails on this). With this new blog, I decided immediately that I would get it on my own domain so here it is.

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Now with stereophonic tape system!

Enjoy this 1966 Mustang commercial, announcing the first ‘update’ of this succesful car.

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I’ve received some cool feedback these days around this challenge or quest that I’m writing about on this blog. Thanks for this. If you think you know a way how I should be able to get my Mustang using the web, social media, … then don’t hesitate to send me your ideas at mustangblog AT hotmail DOT com or send it to my Mustang Delicious account (

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Ford Mustang history

Since I’ve got this new blog in which I sort of chase my Mustang dream, I’m doing some ‘research’ about the Ford to support my story here. As I stated in the beginning of this blog, I don’t really know that much about the Mustang, I just like it, just look at it.

It all gets even better when you find something like this video. Did you know the Mustangs still holds the record of the fastest selling car ever? Apparently the sales target for the first year was 100.000 units, while they eventually sold almost 700.000 that year. Hear Jeremy Clarkson talk about the Mustang history, enjoy!

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I’m going Ford

I’m going for’it. I can a Ford it. Ok sorry, writing this title got me into this little wordplay ;) It’s pretty much a coincidence but still worth mentioning, I’m going Ford indeed.

I’ve bought my wife a new car last summer and what do you know: it’s a Ford. She used to drive a Golf III that was still pretty good, but it had only 2 doors which is kind of difficult riding around with 2 small kids all the time. So I bought a used Ford Focus (first generation) but a nice car.

And these days I need to decide on a new leasing car as well since the leasing of my Audi is going to end in April. And what do you know? I’m going for the new Ford Galaxy, going family car all the way. I still don’t like the Galaxy as a brand, but the new version is pretty good looking and good value for money… and I’ll be able to take both kids, bikes, … with me without anymore problems I suppose :)

So what’s the incentive? Free 1965 Ford Mustang? Not that good this time, but we’ll keep on hoping…

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#4: Mustang evangelism

One of the most exciting blog related stories I’ve heard during the last few months is this one: Aston Martin Evangelism. Mike Stopforth wrote an article for the Citizen about 3 things he he wanted to do before he dies and one of it was to drive an Aston Martin. And you know what? About a week later he received an email from the MD of Aston Martin saying “we will arrange for you to spend a day driving an Aston Martin!” Fantastic.

At the time I read it (way before I started this blog) I was especially amazed with how Aston Martin had shown how they listened to their customers. Because that’s how they look at it:

“But the weird thing is (and this is the philosophy of Aston Martin SA), EVERYONE IS A CUSTOMER. Whether I’m buying your car or not, I’m a customer. Not only am I a customer, but I’m a potential salesperson – a potential evangelist for their brand. Readers of this blog know I’m an Audi evangelist – I love the cars and the people have always treated me like a human being. Aston Martin know that whether I can afford their car now or not is irrelevant – I MIGHT BE ABLE TO AFFORD IT ONE DAY! And when I can, they want me back in their showroom. Not Ferrari, not Bentley, not Lamborghini. Aston Martin. They bleed Aston Martin and it shows.”

Obviously when I started this blog, I remembered this story immediately. I’d love to drive an Aston for a day, but one of the things I want to do before I die is buy a vintage Ford Mustang. Or at least find a way to get one, remember the reason for this blog.

So would I stand a chance, just like Mike? Maybe I should only ask for a day of driving with the new 2007 Mustang (Shelby maybe)? Luckily Aston Martin and Ford belong to the same group, and Ford has shown it’s interest in blogs and social media before. Bold Moves from Ford advertises on Engadget for instance, they had a blog (although it didn’t seem to have lasted that long) on the new 2005 Mustang design.

Will Ford notice this post? Well they should to stand at least a small chance to be successful. Maybe the Belgian Ford Co. does? Or it’s agency, they have a blog (and as such surely look at their trackbacks). Well it’s worth a try and so this is my 4th thought to get closer to my Mustang dream.


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